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THX - For Your Donations!!! Ever since the release of the first edition of MADE FOR SKATE, we received over a hundred historic skate shoes as donations to the Skateboard Museum in Stuttgart!The most comprehensive donation – an absolute knockout! – came from Konstantin Gräfer from Bavaria in Germany: Over the course of more than a decade, the avid skateboarder and footwear fan has saved every single pair of shoes he ever skated. He sent us close 50 (!) pairs. The result is a comprehensive timeline, featured here in chrono- logical order (check out the socks stuffed into the es for extra “puffiness” – classic!). Major thanks to Konstantin and everyone who donated their shoes to the MADE FOR SKATE collection! And remember - a one man’s trash might be another ones trea- sure... Etnies - Cyprus DC - Critics éS - Koston 1 Savier - Everett Etnies - Graph Axion - Guy Mariano Etnies - Midi Rap Adio - Bam Margera V.1 éS - Scheme Converse - Guy Mariano Etnies - Vesta Globe - Tactic éS - Accel éS - Koston 1 471