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Weknow-letusknow-keepintouch First of all, we would like to thank you for picking up eMADE FOR SKATE – The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear. We hope you enjoyed the journey through almost half a century of skateboard shoe brands, design ideas, technical developments, rider interviews and one or the other odd story we were lucky enough to uncover. It’s exactly these kind of stories that help MADE FOR SKATE stand out from standard works on skateboard culture, and we owe it to the contributions of countless individuals who believed in the book and supported us with their collec- tor’s item shoes, their memories and opinions and we wouldn’t have been able to tell this story without your help. Thanks to all contributors listed on the following pages, and everybody we may have forgotten! We hope we were able to take you back to some of your own stories. The times when you were actually walking and skating in some of these shoes. It’s funny how many men- tal images can be unleashed by something as unassuming as a skate shoe. In times when we are constantly bombarded with new information and ideas at breakneck speeds and increasing intensity, it’s nice sometimes to stand still and reflect on all the steps we’ve taken that got us to where we are today – and some of the shoes we took those steps in. Like Ferris Bueller said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don‘t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” History can never be complete At the same time, we are very much aware that any at- tempt at giving a history of the entire field of skateboard footwear can never be complete and final. There surely are some shoe brands out there that we failed to include or we were unable to dedicate enough space to. And of course there are shoe models and designs that would have also been worthy of making the spotlight. We actually had way more shoes on our hands than could fit the pages of this book. In the end, nothing written and presented here is set in stone. History is a living, ongoing process and we highly welcome your comments, ideas, criticism and feedback. We’ll add new stories on shoes to our website: This will be a frequently updated news source for new de- velopments, articles and interviews, as well as a space to publish some of the materials we were unable to present in the book. The MADE FOR SKATE exhibition that started this whole venture will also continue. GET DIGITAL: iMADE FOR SKATE - THE iphone APP In July 2009, we took MADE FOR SKATE into the digital realm and released the entire shoe collection in an App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. iMADE FOR SKATE is the first iPhone App of its kind and tells the stories behind the shoes that carried skateboarding through its colorful his- tory. This sleek App features thousands of superb photo- graphs – and many additional angles and details – of the most popular skateboard shoes. All of iMADE FOR SKATE’s updates are free and contain shoe additions, current in- formation, videos and featuresfrom the world of skate- board footwear. Available on the Apple iTunes Store. Donate your shoes – preserve skateboard history Maybe you even have a special historic pair of shoes you would like to donate to the museum as an exhibit. If your shoe has it’s own, personal story – and they all do – feel free to write us about it. After all, the worst thing to happen to shoes that have any kind of value attached to them (even if it’s only sentimental), is have your mom throw them away when she cleans out your basement. YOU CAN CONTACT US ANY TIME: Thanks again for reading, we hope you enjoyed it. If you’re ever in Stuttgart, Germany, come and visit the Skateboard Museum. Stay safe and remember what Ferris Bueller said! FauxAmi 470