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SKATEBOARD Shoes - now on Sale To some skaters of that era, the death of the second wave of skateboarding is immortalized in images of demolished skate parks and shut down swimming pools. But the price tags on this shoebox also tell the story. These skate-specific Wilson shoes had sold for a regular $17.99 during the height of the 1970s skateboard boom. But when skateboarding died without any warning due to spira- ling insurance costs and lack of attendance, they practically turned from hot selling items to slow sellers overnight. The dwindling popularity of skateboarding is reflected in the price for this pair, which had slumped from a harsh early drop to $10.79 all the way to $3.00. If anyone still doubted that skateboarding had hit rock bottom, here was solid proof. Imagine how long these must have hugged the shelf before someone finally placed them in their garage where they collected dust for 20 years, before they sold for $30 to a collector on eBay. Which is why a trip to the local flea market or garage sale can still reveal mint-condition trea- sures in the most unlikely places. 78