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Back in the days before kids were a much sought-after demo- graphic targeted by heavy marketing and research, offering kid- specific shoes was a big step. But it did fill a big gap in the lower size ranges, and with many kids taking up skating, Kid Power Shoes became a smash hit with youngsters. Or should we say, their parents, since these were the days before five-year-olds had their own credit cards and mobile phones. Aside from cutesy stripes and a sturdy toe cap, the upper shoe section pretty much followed in the low cut tradition established by Vans and Hobie, while the extra-wide sole stuck out signifi- cantly on the sides to give youngsters solid balance and control. In terms of sole texture, the two-colored profile of Kid Power Shoes broke new ground with a differently patterned section around the balls of the foot – a principle that grown skaters would come to appreciate in later years. Kid Power - for future super Skaters 50