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1965 June Surfing Magazine Val Surf ad The Randy 720°, made by the Randolph Rubber Co, was the first-ever skateboard-specific shoe. Arriv- ing on the scene in 1965, the shoe was based on two main design objectives: offering protection during sharp turns and spins, while providing the intense feel and control of barefooted skating. The shoe sold for about $14.95 (equivalent of $90 today) at surf and marine shops, as well as the first-ever skate shop, legendary Val Surf in North Hollywood. Featured in the Randy’s ad is Mark Richards, skate- board pioneer and co-owner of Val Surf. “They ap- proached me to skate in this ad as they knew of our history and because I had been doing some commer- cials and TV spots at the time,” Richards remembers. The ad was shot by surf and skate photographer Le- roy Grannis. With their bold colorways, Randy’s made quite a fashion statement. “Being the first to wear a blue shoe like that was pretty brave. I remember tak- ing quite a bit of flak for it.” How did the promise of TUFF TOE’N HEEL come through in the streets? “The shoes were of good quality for the time but did not really hold up well under skating conditions,” Richards says. “We would constantly drag our back foot doing kick turns, spins and landings which would wear through quite quickly.” But nevertheless, the Randy 720° marked an impor- tant beginning. And with its signature combination of soft sole and the use of suede in a casual low-top cut, it laid down the blueprint followed by skateboard footwear design to this day. 31