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The first MADE FOR SKATE exhibition at the BRIGHT Skateboarding Tradeshow January 2007 - Frankfurt Nike SB celebration 10 Years of BLUEPRINT Skateboards with MADE FOR SKATE and MOVING UNITS exhibition at the Old Trumann Brewery - June 2007 London MADE FOR SKATE exhibition at the URBAN LAB Gallery / Stil August 2007 Vienna 17 What it all boils down to is this: Shoes are still what connects us to our boards, and we’ll keep looking at them with a keen eye – both on and off our boards. We hope that the exhibits and this book will help connect people with the rich history of skateboarding, as well as their own individual histories as skateboarders. Skateboarding might be diversified and sometimes even split into cliques today, but as skateboarders, we all share the same roots. And we all know a whole lot about shoes – that much we can surely all agree on. THE ePuB EDITION! Congratulations, you’re looking at the extended ePub edition of MADE FOR SKATE: The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear A lot has happened since the release of the first edition in December 2008: We received countless additional pieces of the great puzzle that is the history of skateboard footwear. Skateboard industry veterans contacted us and shared their personal memories and previously untold stories. So for the second edition our publishers agreed on additional 16 pages with new material, while updating some of the chap- ters from the previous edition. Since the ePub version isn’t subject to printing costs or product weight issues, there are even 64 additional pages for you to enjoy. So here it is, MADE FOR SKATE aka eMFS The ePub, if you will. The more complete – but never finished – history of skateboard footwear. Enjoy! FauxAmi