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iMADE FOR SKATE / iMFS - the iphone “App“ THE SHOE! TRASHER / TST - the iphone “App“ The digital history of skateboarding footwear! It´s the first iPhone App of its kind and tells the stories behind the shoes that carried skateboarding through its colorful history. This sleek App features thousands of superb photographs of the most popular skateboard shoes. Unique in content and detail, iMADE FOR SKATE is based on the world’s largest collection of skateboard footwear! Check iMADE FOR SKATE available on the iTunes App Store Also available as a LITE trail version! Trash a skateboard shoe with your fingertip! With THE SHOE TRASHER (TST) App you can interac- tively modify the appearance of featured skateboard shoes! You can turn a shoe from its shiny new, “out of the box” splendor into a heavily skated, run-down wreck! Also available as a Lite trail version! See how it works at