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Page 200 Big Brother Magazine Cover # 7 Monster Magazin Cover #87 Page 252 DC Danny Way Ad - Photo by Niko C. Achtipes Page 254 DC Colin McKay Ad - Photo by Niko C. Achtipes Page 284 Rick Howard k-grind Photo by Lance Mountain Page 300 Evol Ad and Osiris McNatt - Photo by Niko C. Achtipes Page 282 Skateboarder Magazine Cover Vol.1 No.4 Page 341 C1RCA Muska carrying beatbox - Photo by Niko C. Achtipes Page 358 Brad Staba 1999 - Photo by Tobin Yelland CHAPTER - The New Century Page 362 Skateboarder Magazine Cover 2003 May The Skateboard Mag Cover ONE Premiere Issue 2004 April Page 372 TRANSWORLD Magazine 2003 March Article „Most Wanted“ Page 395 Skatin´ Magazine 1989 oct./nov. Praca Roosevelt Photo by Candido Neto Page 398 Thrashin‘ VHS Cover - Virgin Video Page 438 NY 2008 - Photo by Daniel Mandell Page 441 Artwork by Jeremy Fish - The Nike Classic Fish SB Page 454 „Mega Drop“ Rob Lorifice at the X-Games - Photo by Bryce Kanights CHAPTER - THE FUTURE Page 458 Thrasher Magzine Cover 1991 April „Future Skateboards Page 459 STI Lab Photos provided by Natalie Miller - SoleTechnology Page 466 Phil Zwijsen - Frontside Feeble - Photo by Bertrand Trichet CHAPTER - EPILOGUE Page 468 Big Brother Magazine 1997 Issue 30 Dave Carnie 1997 Article Signature Shoe Test Page 480 MADE FOR SKATE „MFS-Blazer“ Artwork by Todd Bratrud Page 484 Shoe mountain by Cap10 479