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Hardback cover 1965 International Surfing Magazine - Sidewalk Flyers paperback cover 2008 - NY Photo by Daniel Mandell MADE FOR SKATE “Bruiser“ Artwork by Todd Bratrud Page 3 Quote from the Article “Some skate shoe history“ by just_bring_it_uk Page 4 Photo by Wolfgang Burat CHAPTER - THE INTRO Page 17 MADE FOR SKATE - Bright Skateboard Trade show 2007 - Photo by FauxAmi MADE FOR SKATE - London Nike SB 10th Anniv. Blueprint - Photo by FauxAmi MADE FOR SKATE - Vienna at the URBAN LAB - Stil Laden - Photo by FauxAmi CHAPTER - THE ROOTS Page 20 SURFER Bi-Monthly Magazine Sept 1964 Article “Skateboard - Kid Stuff or real Sport?“ Page 21 Petersens Surfing Yearbook 1964 Article “How to build a skateboard“ Page 22 “Shoes of August” 1959 - Photo by Tom Corombes Page 23 1964 Quarterly Skateboarder Article „Surfer - Skier - Skateboarder“ Photos by George Schwartz Page 24 1964 Quarterly Skateboarder Magazine Cover Issue No.1 1965 Quarterly Skateboarder Magazine Cover Issue No.3 Page 25 1965 Quarterly Skateboarder Issue No.3 Article International Skateboard Championships - Photos by Ron Stoner 1975 SkateBoarder Cover Vol. 2 No. 1 Page 26 1965 May Cover Life Magazine and Article Page 27 1975 Skateboarder “Who´s Hot“ Chris Yandell 1977 article in German “Skateboard” Magazine CHAPTER - THE SHOES Page 41 1976 Dec. Skateboarder Magazine Whos Hot Jay Adams - Photo by Bolster Page 42 1978 Sep. Skateboarder Magazine „Extra“ Page 44 1979 Oct. Roller Skating Magazine Cover Page 54 Steve Schneer - Big O Photo and Copyright by Jim Goodrich Page 56 1979 Curt Kimbel - Del Mar Photo and Copyright by Jim Goodrich Page 60 1979 Eddie Elguera Boulder - Photo and Copyright by Jim Goodrich Page 64 1978 Skateboarder Magazine Shogo Kubo Pool Slam Photo sequence by James Cassimus Page 65 1978 Oct. Skateboarder Magazine - Skate Safe Article by Doug Schneider - Photo by James Cassimus Page 66 Daniel Josefsohn and Shogo Kubo at Marina del Ray Photo by Daniel Josefsohn Page 62 1979 May Skateboarder Magazine Subscribe Ad showing Jay Adams - Photo by Wynn Miller Page 69 1979 The International Skateing Magazine Tony Alva at the “Mad Dog“ Bowl in London - Photo by Wynn Miller Page 70 1978 Steve Alba at Upland skatepark - Photo by Jim Goodrich Page 75 1978 Dez Skateboard World - Hot Shots Article Jay Smith at the Oxnard Skatepark - Photo by Chuck Saccio Page 80 1978 German SKATEBOARD Magazin Cover 2/78 Page 82 1977 Sep Skateboarder Magazine Article Photo by Mike Kerley Page 83 1978 Oct. Skateboard! No.14 Article SKATA DATA Page 89 1978 Aug. Skateboarder Magazine - Pictrure from the Article “Skatewolves of London“ by C. Carrol Page 92 1986 Monster Magazine - Photo by Florian Böhm CHAPTER - THE EIGHTIES Page 96 Thrasher Magazine Cover First Issue 1981 Back to the Future Part II Poster   Page 97 TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING Magazine Cover First Issue 1983 Page 98 TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING Magazine Cover Issue Oct. 1990 Page 99 TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING Magazine TALK Issue April 1988 RAD Magazine 1989 NATAS Shoe Competition Page 106 Skateboarder UK Magazine 1988 Mag Article „Lick My Boots“ Page 108 TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING Magazine 1984 Fed. Article “Transaxle“ Page 110 UK Skateboard Magazin 1989 April Article “This is the Stuff“ Page 113 Poweredge Magazine 1989 Article SLASH “Duck Tape“ Page 120 Chin Handplants Photo by Grant Brittain Page 125 Poweredge Magazine Cover May 1989 Page 153 Thrasher Magazine May 1988 Natas Kaupas Interview Photos by Bryce Kanights Thrasher Magazine 1990 April Article “Product Patrol“ Page 162 Ed Templeton Ollie a Hydrant - Photo by O Page 163 Marc Gonzales 1986 Frontside Rock - Photo by Grant Brittain John Kop in Vancouver 1987 - Photo by Todd Swank Page 169 Thrasher Magazine 1990 Dec. Article “Product Patrol“ Page 175 Rodney Mullen Airwalk 1990 Photo by Claus Grabke Page 176 RAD Magazine May 1988 “Fun Ramps“ Photos by Tim Leighton-Boyce Page 181 RAD Magazine 1988 Aug. “Pacer Hogs Competition“ Page 191 Skatin´ Magazine 1989 oct./nov. Samuca Photo by Daniel Bourqui Page 194 Mike Vallely Ollie on to Nollie (detail) 1990 Photo by Christian Kline CHAPTER - NINETIES Page 198 SLAP magazine Vol1 #10 ,Cover Thrasher Magazine 1993 Oct. Cover Page 199 Mike Vallely Ollie on to Nollie 1990 Photo by Christian Kline Columbia Pictures movie cover, 1994 478