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Special promoters: Dirk Arends Marco Aslim Michael Brooke Gabe Clement Tony Chen Brett Chittenden Agra Diapari Anja Egger Arne Fiehl Michael Furukawa Humphrey Gentry Justin Gold Florian Gottesmann Martin Grüb Tony Hallam Jonathan Hay Anika Heusermann Rich Holland aka „Badger“ Brian Howard Jörg Ihle Jehle Werbetechnik - Karl Jehle Ines, Rebekka, Hartmut, Ulrich Ulrich Köhler Arne Krüger Martina Luger Jörg Ludewig Thomas Martini Angel Martinez Ruedi Matter Paul Merrell Charlie Morgan Greg Nielsen Sebastian Palmer Michael Paul Beate Pietrek Leticia Ruano Thomas Schumann Brenda Springer Marc Sülzle Axel „Starsky“ Kleinhans Martin Van Doren Kaspar van Lierop Gary Warnett Bjorn Wiersma Woody Günther Zott Christian Buttler Michael Baldauf Achim Bauer Mathew Bauer Thilo Benneke Thomas Binder Geka Blümlein Mikesch Blümlein Peter Bodenhaupt Stefan Bodenhaupt Bod Boyle Ralf Braitling Sascha Bruckhoff Holger Carl Aytekin Celik Lee Charon Neil Chester Sean Cliver Marije de Haas Laurence Desarzens Peter Ehlert Hannes Goldbecker Shepard Fairey Pitt Feil David Fischer Marco Frey Steven Fröhlich Alexander Funk Johannes Fürst Khan Furqan DJ Kris Gärtner Matt Grabowski Konstantin Gräfner Florian Gubba Florijan Hadzic Felix Hälbich Burkhard Hagelauer Frank Hellener Markus Hensinger Dirk Hermelingmeier Markus Hoch Jennifer Huber Erin Kirkpatrick Fritz “Pommes“ Klein Klaas Kleinschmidt Kosse Robinson Kuhlmann Timo Kranz Lozza David Luther Dan Magee Rick Marr Alexander Martin Stefan Marx Jocks Sport - Mike und Fam. Mazur Marc McKee Mos Eisley Crew Axel / Frieder Marc Münster Michael Neuss Wolfgang Nill Gordon Nowak Patrick Oelsner Fola Osu Brooke Pedersen Sandra Petralia Rolf Pfingsttag Jim Phillips George Powell Aaron Press Eric Rebmann David “Shitbird“ Rogerson Christian Roth Jörg Schaller Daniel Schindler Florian Schmid Philipp Schmidt Stefan Schorer Marc Schwarz Michael Seiler Sieben Siebe Stuttgart - Florian u. Sascha Mike Sprunkel Jay at Styledepartment Lorenzo Taurino Stefan Thomas David Turakiewicz Charly from “Trauma“ Marco Tremiliti Nico van der Wel Sergej Vutuc Michael Wagner Damon Way Oliver Weber Steffi Weiss Michael Wehrmeyer Hanno Wellmann Felix Wellmann Gerd Witulski Alexis Zavialoff Marc Zeitzschel Niklas Zingler The makers of MADE FOR SKATE would like to take this opportunity to extend some personal Thank You’s. Dirk Vogel would like to thank: My wife Tilley, my family and everyone who’s helped me along the way and published and read my stories. Special thanks to Holger Smolinski, formerly at Gerich skate shop and Jörg Ludewig for get- ting me on board writing for Limited Magazine in 1993, which was the very start of my journey as a writer. Also thanks to Holger von Krosigk for all the support throughout the years. Daniel Schmid especially wishes to thank: My parents Elvira and Edi for always being there (and for Sweden)! My beloved partner Silvia for her help and support, for all the encourage- ment, patience and love. My brother Florian for all his help with the Mu- seum! And thanks to Skateboarding, the mother of all good things -.--.- Jürgen Blümlein especially wishes to thank: My wife Martina for her love and patience and my daughter Lisa for her lovely everyday smile! My parents Dieter and Renate Blümlein and my grandmother Emma Ehlert for their support. ...And all the friends and people who supported and helped us and the Skateboard - Museum along the way.. You know who you are ;) We tried very hard to include every- one who has helped us along the way in this list. In case we have forgotten someone, we are very sorry. Please let us know and we will honor your support on the MADE FOR SKATE website. And who knows – there might be a third edition of the book so we can fix this horrible mistake! FOR SHOES, LETTING US CRASH ON THE COUCH AND ANY kind of SUPPORT: 475